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Just right.

i-Link (i iink) is professional making "place" where people gather. In the business of the coming times when diversity (diversity) becomes key, as for the effective sales promotion that approach that people and person are connected directly is or more, there are none while IOT and AI develop.
Therefore, including major communications carrier, we use i-Link (i iink) because manufacturer of companies and new entry tells new product and new service to many people.
Letting thing and thing have Link (link) of i (people).
We i-Link continues creating "encounter" to widen new possibility of business that matched needs of the coming times.

Business introduction SERVICE

#Thing thing changes
To direct "place."

From plan, administration of PR event including sales promotion to casting of human resources, rental of event goods, production of novelty, sales promotion tool, we produce event promotion for total.


Company introduction COMPANY

#We are proud of the results of the Shikoku top
Event plan production company.

i-Link is category called Shikoku No. 1 (※), advertising agency business in category of display business performing event, special event, but there are the results of the Shikoku top-class.
※The 2018 Teikoku Databank investigation


Employment information RECRUIT

#Company using,
Just right.

There is Field who can make use of individuality and idea like you without being seized with fixed idea. "Liking pleasing people" looks forward to to "want to challenge business for flexible idea".